Chairman: Robert (Bob) Campbell | Vice Chairman: Jay Salhanick | Official Rep. & Amb.: Bill Ng (HK & Macau)
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Jay Salhanick
Sensei Jay Salhanick
The Vice Chairman of
Uechi Ryu International Karate-Do Association

Hanshi & Kyudan of Uechi Ryu Karate-Do

The United States Marine Corps (1979-1988)
  Sensei Jay Salhanick, Hanshi & Kyudan of Uechi Ryu Karate-Do, is a member of United States Marine Corps (1979-1988), and he is now the Vice Chairman of Uechi Ryu International Karate-Do Association.

  In 1969, Jay Salhanick started to learn Uechi Ryu Karate at the Mattson Academy of Karate in Boston, and passed the Shodan test in 1979.  The instructor of Jay in those children classes, is the same teacher he has to this day - Sensei Robert (Bob) Campbell.

[Unlimited & Ongoing Learning]
  While attending the Mattson Academy, Jay had the honor of attending classes taught by many notable USA masters, such as George Mattson, Van Canna, Arthur Rebesa, Jim Maloney, Walter Mattson, Arthur (Buzz) Durkin, Robert Bethoney, Clarence Von Wilder...

  Jay also had the great honor of attending Master Kanei Uechi and Master Ryuko Tomoyose's seminars and classes which held at the Thompson's Island summer camps, hosted by Master George Mattson throughout the 1980s.  Moreover, he has attended many seminars over the years taught by other notable Okinawa masters, such as: Shintoku Takara, Shigeru Takamiyagi, Toshio Higa, Nobumasa Ohomine, Ken Nakamatsu, Kosuke Yonamine, Kiyohide Shinjo...

  Besides, Jay attended classes and seminars taught by internationally known and respected masters, such as: Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, George Dillman, Billy Blanks, Ed Parker, Chuck Norris, Nick Cerio, Steven Hayes, Kang Rhee, Bill Hayes, Joe Campesi, Lou Lazott...

上地流国際唐手道協会(香港支部),簡稱: 上地流国際(香港支部)
Uechi Ryu International Karate-Do Association (Hong Kong Branch), also known as: Uechi International (HK Branch)