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    Arthur Tan
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Arthur Tan (Hong Kong) Uechi Ryu Karate HK
Arthur Tan
Nidan of Uechi Ryu Karate
The Instructor of
Uechi Ryu Karate
The Practitioner of
Pekiti Tirsia Kali
The Practitioner of
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
-  Arthur Tan started to learn Goju ryu karate at age 16 and he continued to study Goju ryu from IOGKF - OTGKA in Southampton of United Kingdom.  In 2008, Arthur started to learn Street Smarts Awareness, Uechi ryu techniques within the method of Timing Hand [Ref. 1] under Sensei Robert (Bob) J. Campbell [Ref. 2].  Simultaneously, Arthur also started to study Pekiti Tirsia Kali and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Sifu Chris Collins, Aramaki Makoto and Ryan Cheng under the encouragement of Sensei Campbell.

  On top of that, Sensei Campbell uses different approaches to condition Arthur's mind in all aspects of life so Arthur could learn how to become a proper gentleman, and Arthur is allowed by Sensei Campbell to officially join the Uechi ryu karate course under Senpai Bill Ng's instruction since the early 2018.  Arthur's sensei is Sensei Robert (Bob) J. Campbell, Arthur's instructors are Sensei Robert (Bob) J. Campbell and Bill Ng.  The journey continues!

[The Footprints of Karate-Do]
[Year 2008]
.be accepted as a private student of Sensei Robert (Bob) J. Campbell, the 1980s Uechi Ryu Official Hong Kong Representative (appointed by Master Kanei Uechi, the Second Soke of Uechi Ryu), and started to train mostly in the Home Dojo & the Garden Dojo.

[Year 2018]
.allowed by Sensei Campbell to officially join the Uechi ryu karate course under Senpai Bill Ng's instruction.

[Year 2021]
.passed the examination of qualification of Black Belt Shodan of Uechi Ryu Karate-Do.

[Year 2023]
.passed the examination of qualification of Black Belt Nidan of Uechi Ryu Karate-Do.

[Ref. 1]
"Timing Hand" is an important element of Campbell Sensei his "Tiger methodology" [Ref. 3] , which includes Uechi Ryu techniques.

[Ref. 2]
(2.1) Sensei Robert (Bob) Campbell, who is publicly recognized as Hanshi & Kyudan of Uechi Ryu Karate-Do, and he was appointed and issued two charters from the direct authority of Master Kanei Uechi in late 1970 & 1980s, to be the Uechi Ryu Official Representative of both Philippines and Hong Kong.
(2.2) Mr. Campbell was the New England & Canada Karate Champion, and a member of the New England Karate Team.  Mr. Campbell taught uniformed officers, body guards & security staffs for several countries, as well as most senior members of governments.  During this time, Mr. Campbell was given a name of "Gold Leopard" by a senior officer, due to his fierce eyes & fast, cat like speed.

[Ref. 3]
"Tiger methodology" - the unique methods of Uechi Ryu applications, which belong to the accumulation of Mr. Campbell from his travels and time in various Martial Arts studies.

 Sanchin Keiko of Uechi Ryu Hong Kong [Aug 2021]

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上地流国際唐手道協会(香港支部),簡稱: 上地流国際(香港支部)
Uechi Ryu International Karate-Do Association (Hong Kong Branch), also known as: Uechi International (HK Branch)